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Iwatsu Gateway Solutions

Iwatsu Gateway Solutions (formerly Iwatsu Enterprise Services) is a server-based application suite that functions as a proxy for Iwatsu’s client software applications to interface with the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite. Simply put: the Iwatsu Gateway Solutions server provides the interface between the desktop applications and the voice communication system and supports applications such as the Iwatsu Call Director, Virtual DSS and AccuCall-Web reporting.

QueVue ACD Agent Console

The Iwatsu QueVue is a desktop application designed for ACD Agents to view call queue information from their Windows PC. Based on queue activity and call volume, agents can use Iwatsu QueVue to easily login or out of multiple ACD groups. Iwatsu QueVue also works in conjunction with Iwatsu phones to provide access to call control at the click of a mouse.

Virtual DSS Console

The Virtual DSS from Iwatsu Voice Networks is a highly customizable application that provides easy access to other Iwatsu telephones using the PC—eliminating bulky, hardware-based DSS units. It was designed to greatly reduce overall call handling time and provide visual indication of the current status of each Iwatsu telephone, all while maximizing the user’s desk space.

Iwatsu Call Director

The Call Director from Iwatsu Voice Networks is a complete desktop call control application for Iwatsu Icon users. The Call Director is a simple, intuitive application that installs on the user’s PC and provides visual indication of incoming and outgoing calls.


AccuCall-Web Advanced is a historical call accounting application that provides managers the ability to monitor and track day-to-day business performance. Designed specifically for the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite, AccuCall-Web is a web-based application used to generate system reports.


An alternative to a physical IP station that sits on your desk, the Iwatsu Enterprise Softphone can be loaded onto a PC and emulate all Iwatsu Enterprise Suite system features without the physical station. The softphone uses a headset and the PC's IP connection to deliver a full featured IP station that operates as a regular extension on your network.

Soft Attendant Console

Soft Attendant Console is a software application that works in unison with the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite station, and facilitates users placing, transferring, and holding calls through the PC. While anyone can use the application, Soft Attendant 2.0 is primarily designed for power users such as the attendant position and department assistants.

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