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Iwatsu Contact Center™

The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite Contact Center processes and delivers calls to the appropriate recipient using the most efficient method available. This includes the ability to route calls within the organization using automated company greetings, menu options and even automatic speech recognition that allows voice-activated call routing. Additionally, Iwatsu Enterprise Suite Contact Center allows the routing of calls based on caller ID, time of day, call type, account codes and more.

In multi-site networked environments, Iwatsu Enterprise Suite Contact Center seamlessly connects locations and even remote agents into one easily-managed entity.

Contact Center Platform

The critical contact center component is the voice-processing platform. Today, smaller and larger contact centers alike demand enterprise-grade reliability and features; most importantly, they require flexibility. The Iwatsu Enterprise-CS provides the switching fabric for the contact center and is scaleable from two agents to 512 active agents.

Contact Center Reporting

The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite’s Contact Center delivers best in class capabilities that enhance and enable the service experience customers expect. But how do you know? After all, the contact center requires the same diligent process analysis as the business.

Contact Center Logging

With the rapid increase in reporting and monitoring regulations across many industries, as well as the rapidly decreasing costs of storage space, contact centers of all sizes are exploring the ability to record and archive call traffic; also known as Call Logging.

Contact Center Agent Features

Centralized, multi-site networked and distributed agent contact centers alike enable agents to provide what matters most: customer care. And the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite Contact Center delivers. Regardless of their location within the contact center, agents are presented with customer record screen pops as the call arrives—allowing the agents to appropriately address the caller.

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