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Iwatsu Business Telephones


ICON Story

When the design process for the Iwatsu ICON Series was first set into motion, it was done so with lofty goals: a business phone that would push the technological envelope without becoming overly complicated. To achieve this, hundreds of hours of research were compiled in focus groups, design sessions and surveys with layman and industry experts alike.

When our design and engineering teams set out to create a business extension specifically for small to medium-sized businesses, we strove for a station rugged enough for industrial applications, intuitive enough for courtesy use, elegant enough to make a favorable impression all while remaining feature strong for even the most ardent power users. We also demanded that all this fit into a station that looks as attractive as it sounds. Our higher standards have produced the Iwatsu ICON Series.

Iwatsu ICON Series Business Telephones:
Iwatsu ICON IX-5900
Iwatsu ICON IX-5800
Iwatsu ICON IX-5910
Iwatsu ICON IX-5810
Iwatsu ICON IX-5930
Iwatsu ICON IX-59DS
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